Jardín Nebulosa

"Gastronomic Experimentation
with the flavors of our land."

Nebulosa Garden

We are a garden of gastronomic experimentation in the magical town of San Sebastián del Oeste Jalisco.
The ingredients found in our menu are collected from the surroundings of the Sierra Madre Occidental. We harvest in our own orchards and the orchards of neighboring communities, work collaboratively and are respectful of the environment.
Our Story

Nebulosa Garden

A unique concept where each dish is a journey through the mountains that is experienced and created seasonally, giving our gastronomy its own life. We take the ingredients that nature provides us directly from the western Sierra Madre to elaborate our three menus:

- Traditional dishes with the chef's personal interpretation
- Snacks for the bar area
- The majestic Tasting Menu that surprises all the senses.

We suggest combining all our dishes with our craft beers and Raicilla mixology, specially created for it.

Culinary experience

The ingredients of this menu are collected by our biologists who study deeply the forests of our county, the same team of people that make up the Nebula Garden, the fantastic families in the mountains and the farmers, we all together function as a sustainable micro economy and make this possible menu.


Our menu changes with the seasons of the Cloud Forest and is based on the traditional recipes of this region with a progressive vision of our Chef


Our cocktails are elaborated with an artisan and natural approach by our team inCantina Experimental, which comprehends passionate people from diverse origins, from our incredible botanists that provide us with knowledge and insight of the complex ingredients in the region to our master brewer, raicilla master and the team of Mixology Art that constantly experiments and creates with us to create unique experiences for our guests

Full Day

Discover in depth the elements that make up the Nebula Project

Experiment Nebula Project

Cooking and Mixology Class

We invite you to take a trip to our biodynamic farm to learn about this sustainable method of harvest.

Gastronomic Sierra: Nebula Garden

Haravéri Botanical Garden

Exclusive experience of flavors, sensations and tradition of the Sierra Madre Occidental.

Haravéri Botanical Garden


Let our team guide you for a unique experience.

Martin Kovar

Operational Director
Our operational director is the global leader in the beverage industry and tourism concepts, I work developing some of the most emblematic bars in the world, now dreaming about the creative concepts of our project.

Alex Gómez

One of the most promising chefs in Mexico, he is in charge of the vision of gastronomy in our project, proud native of the Sierra Madre and generational traditional cook family.

Claudia López Acevedo

Public relations
Public Relations, design of experiences and special events; He adds his knowledge to having collaborated in one of the most recognized Agencies in Mexico City, as well as sensitivity and vision that his experience in the area of meditation and spirituality brings.

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Sustainability and use of the resources of the Sierra Madre Occidental.
“Passion for experimentation”